Clever Storage Tricks For Adapting To Tiny-Home Living

You need to get clever when it comes to finding storage in a tiny home, usually referring to homes that are under 500-square feet in size. Even simple items, such as kitchen spices or winter coats, can become difficult to accommodate and store when not needed. Try some of the following suggestions to create needed storage without sacrificing your day-to-day functionality:

1. Magnetic spice containers

If you take a good look at your kitchen’s spice cabinet or drawer, you may find that there are a lot of things taking up space that you simply don’t use. You can purchase small magnetic canisters and metal boxes that hold spices, but that can be stored efficiently on the front of your appliances.

2. Under the stairs storage

Most tiny homes do not have actual stairways, even when they contain a loft area. When these are a necessary feature of the home, make sure to use the space inside the stairs for storage whenever possible. Contractors and builders can create drawers or hatches that will provide extra space inside of each step.

3. Functional furnishings

Furnishings need to be stream-lined and useful when adding them to your tiny home, and tables with drop-down sides or leaves are one such option. Other items that could be useful include storage ottomans, bench-style seating, and pull-out sofa beds.

4. Clever cubbies

Depending on the materials used in constructing your tiny home, there might be ways to utilize some wasted space between the walls or in corners of the structure. Talk with contractors to find out what hidden storage potential is lurking right under your nose.

5. Exterior solutions

Again, the challenge is to look for space that might be wasted around your tiny home, and this includes thinking creatively about the exterior features of your structure. For instance, a tiny home that is mounted to a fifth-wheel trailer may have some storage capacity near the hitch or over the bed of the transporting vehicle.

6. Vertical challenges

Always think of your home in terms of the vertical storage assets that could be underutilized. This means extending shelving higher than you might in a conventional house, or suspending belongings for easy access that is out of the way.

7. Alternative options

When push comes to shove, if you have trouble fitting your must-have possessions in your new dwelling, you may consider renting a storage unit. These come in a variety of sizes, so you can choose the unit that best fits your budget. A storage unit or facility can provide a great resource for those living in tiny homes with limited storage options.

These seven suggestions may provide solutions to some of your storage needs as you move into your tiny home. In time, you will find that the advantages of adopting a tiny-home lifestyle far outweigh the temporary stress of sacrificing personal objects and possessions.  

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