Summer Storage: Where To Stash Your Stuff During Summer Vacation

In life, you may never move as much as you do when you’re in college. When you are at the mercy of residence hall rules and university schedules, you may find yourself without a place to live for the summer. Sure, you could go back to your parents’ for a few months, but what about your stuff? If you don’t have to travel far, it may not seem like a big deal to throw your mattress, mini-fridge and other items in your parents’ garage. But if you have to drive quite the distance, moving all your things can be a hassle. So what do you do? How about renting a storage unit?


Self-storage facilities, such as 1st Stop Storage, aren’t hard to find. Chances are good there is one relatively close to your school. Because they often open early and stay open late, you will be able to keep your busy schedule and still have time to put your things in storage. Better still, some are 24-hour access facilities, where you can move your stuff in and out at your convenience. Some facilities even have a truck you can use to help you transport your things. 


Unlike, say, getting your college degree, storage units don’t have to be a long term commitment. However long you need it is how long you are committed. When you don’t need it anymore, inform the facility that you are ready to move out and they will present you with a final bill. It’s perfect for those in need of a short-term storage solution.


Granted, you could take all your things back home, but will it all fit in your car? Renting a truck or a trailer can add up, especially once you factor in gas and hidden costs. A storage unit doesn’t have to be expensive and there aren’t any hidden fees. You’ll know what it costs, every month. You can even pay upfront for a certain amount of months if you know your schedule ahead of time.

Not sure you have the budget for a storage unit? There are small units, roughly 5×10, available in many facilities that may be within your price range, but what about sharing your unit? A 10×10 unit should fit the contents of two dorm rooms quite well, with room for extra boxes of belongings. A reliable friend, classmate or former roommate who also needs storage can help offset your costs by using half the space and paying half the fees. It’s just important that you are certain the person you choose is trustworthy. He/she will, after all, have access to your things.

Dragging stuff home for the summer is, well, a drag. A storage unit may be a convenient, inexpensive answer to your summer storage problem.

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