5 Tips For Putting Together The Perfect Printed Newsletter

Whether you are creating a family newsletter to send to all of your loved ones, a neighborhood newsletter for your homeowner’s association or a newsletter for your church, business or other organization, you probably want it to turn out perfect. If you have never created a printed newsletter before, however, you could be nervous about putting it together. Luckily, following these tips will make it a breeze.

1. Hire an Offset Printing Company

It will be a lot better to produce the perfect newsletter if you don’t have to format it on your computer. If you can put it together on paper and then have it printed, you can easily add photographs, switch up the formatting and more. Basically, you can simply tape or glue the photographs and columns onto one sheet of paper without having to format it all on your PC. Then, you can smooth copies made of your creation.

2. Use Lots of Color

Newsletters should be colorful and fun. Use bright colors to really draw the attention and to give the newsletter a creative look. Skip colors like yellow, though; they can make it difficult for you to read. Brighter colors that contrast nicely against the background are a better choice.

3. Add Clips Rather Than Long Articles

Newsletters should be easy and pleasant to read; they shouldn’t be filled with extra-long articles that look like they belong in a magazine or newspaper. Keep your writing short and sweet, and write separate clips about different things rather than trying to cover too much stuff in one section.

4. Get Another Opinion

Although you might be handling most of the writing for your newsletter, it always pays to have at least a small clipping written by someone else. Ask a family member, employee, church member or volunteer to write up something short and sweet for your newsletter. Doing so will give it a little more personalization.

5. Add Pictures

Although the words in your newsletter are important, you should take it a little farther by adding photographs and clip art. Doing so will help break up the monotony and will make your newsletter more visually appealing.

Creating an old-fashioned, printed newsletter can be a great way of keeping everyone abreast of what is going on. Regardless of whether you are making your newsletter for your family, neighborhood, business or church, following these tips can help you produce the perfect edition.

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