4 Ways To Personalize A Virtual Office Space

Are you thinking about booking a virtual office space? A virtual office space is a simple unit that you share with others — you can lease it for days or even hours at a time. It gives the appearances and functionality of your own executive office without having to actually pay a lease for office space throughout. But that can mean that a virtual office may seem a little sparse and a little impersonal, both to yourself and clients.

1. A Digital Picture Frame

You can hardly carry an assortment of photos with you, so a digital picture frame is the next best thing. Handy and portable, digital picture frames can hold dozens if not hundreds of your favorite photos of your family, friends, memorable trips, pets and more. A digital picture frame will give a visual clue as to your identity; it will show your clients and investors who you are when you’re outside of the office. 

2. Degrees or Certificates

Never underestimate the power of a well-earned degree or certificate of accomplishment. These are easy to pack in your briefcase and equally easy to hang, and will add to your overall presence within your office. While you can’t place a trophy inside of your briefcase, you can add a copy of any licenses that you have. Occasionally this is very important; those in professional fields may need to show their licensing. 

3. A Business Card Holder

A business card holder is often the first thing that a new client or investor will look for; people are simply conditioned to take a business card whenever they meet someone new, and the absence of a business card could be strange. A classic business card holder with your business cards (naturally with your virtual office address!) will make your office seem even more like your own. 

4. A Coffee Mug

This is getting very personal: if you want your office to look lived in, you need a coffee mug. Not only does a coffee mug show that your desk is “yours,” but it can also be used to carefully display some element of your personality. If you love your family, bring in a mug decorated by your children; if you love sports, bring in a colorful mug that displays your favorite team. 

Don’t forget that you pay for your virtual office space to be yours whenever you need it. Barring any physical modifications or extreme adjustments, you can feel free to arrange the office as you like it. Creating a personalized office space will help you feel at home and will also give your clients a better idea of who you are and how you do business. For help with creating this office space, contact trusted professionals, such as Source Office Suites

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