If It Fits, It Ships! How to Ship Weird or Awkward Items

Thanks to the Internet, the online retail business is absolutely booming. Customers love shopping from the comfort of their own homes, snug and comfortable in pajamas with a beverage in hand. There’s no reason for the average consumer to venture out into the cold world and scour aisle after aisle when they can easily find items they need on the world wide web. Usually, retailers are happy to oblige since shipping most items is simple and easy. What happens when items are oversized, irregularly shaped, or just awkward, though?

Use Special Boxes or Containers

Though most boxes are square or rectangular, there are special boxes available for other shapes, too. Cylindrical containers are quite common, and they work well for rolled posters and other paperwork that can’t be folded. However, these containers may also work for other cylindrical items. And if you can’t find a box that works for your item, you can always make one yourself. Just use a box cutter, some cardboard, and heavy duty packaging tape to make a sturdy container for your item.

Use Plenty of Filler

If the item doesn’t completely fill the box you’re using, use packing peanuts, bubble wrap, or another flexible material to fill the empty space. The goal is to make sure the item won’t shift at all during transit. It should be completely surrounded and fully protected by whichever material you choose to use. If possible, push some of the filler down and add more to the space, even after the container seems full. The packaging filler will most likely settle during transit, which might leave your item exposed to breakage if you don’t use enough filler.

Ship without a Container

If the item isn’t breakable or otherwise easily damaged, you may be able to ship it without any container at all. Tires ship well this way, for example. Just apply a label that’s clearly marked with the recipient’s address and send it on its way. If the items has any sharp edges or other protrusions, however, you should cover these areas well with thick, sturdy cardboard and packaging tape.


Shipping awkward or large objects is a bit more difficult than shipping smaller items, but it’s not an impossible task. Just take a few extra precautions and employ these careful planning tips and your items should arrive safely at the customer’s home. For more information, talk to a professional like Associated Paper & Supply.

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