Tips For New Business Owners: Signage Considerations

Your brick and mortar business relies on visibility to be successful. If potential customers don’t know you exist, how can they partake of your fabulous services? While it’s important to make your presence known on social media and the Internet, these are no substitutes for good, well-placed, custom signs.

If your business lacks visibility in the neighborhood, use the following tips to help bump it up to the top of everyone’s list when it comes time to buy:

Exterior Signage

Your exterior signage is the signage that’s placed outside your place of business to help make it visible to passers-by. Depending upon the layout of your street and your city zoning laws, some types of signage will be more successful than others. There are plenty of styles from which business owners can choose:

  • Electronic LED: If you have a designated parking lot, instead of a store-front business, an electronic LED light provides superior visibility. It can be placed at ground level or elevated at the top of poles to be seen for blocks. You can change out the message on your electronic LED display to announces sales and special events as they occur. 
  • A-Frame: A-frame signage is a good fit for businesses that front a busy street. They’re double-sided stands in the shape of a the letter “A”. You can customize them to display whatever information you deem important for customers to know. 
  • Billboards: Community billboards are a good way to reach a large audience. Placed correctly, they can even draw travelers in off interstate highways. Billboards advertise your business in big ways, but they’re also a bit pricier than smaller types of custom signs. 

Interior Signage

While exterior signage helps draw customers into your place of business, it’s the interior signage that makes them aware of all you have to offer. One of most important details regarding your interior signs is that they must be accurate. If your racks are filled with expired sale signs that you’re not willing to honor, you’ll drive your customers off in droves. Good, efficient signage should be useful to your audience:

  • easy to read.
  • appropriately placed and highly visible.
  • catches your customer’s eye.
  • accurate.

If your custom interior signage performs these duties, it will help increase sales and improve customer satisfaction. 

When choosing signage to represent your business, take care to use custom, well-designed examples. Purchase your custom signage from a company you trust, whose work you’ve seen so that it displays your business in a positive light. To learn more, contact a company like Signs In One Day with any questions you have.

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