Building A Backyard Ice Rink

If your child is interested in joining an ice hockey league or learning how to ice skate, and there are no nearby lakes or ponds to practice upon during winter months, you may want to consider making a rink in your very own back yard. It is not that difficult to set up an area to be used for practicing, and with a few tools and some freezing temperatures, your child will soon be on their way to learning moves on their own. They will be able to enjoy going in and out of the home to warm up when needed, and since the rink is readily accessible, practice time will be always available. Here are some instructions for you to use in creating your own backyard ice rink.

Materials You Will Need

  • Stakes
  • Twine
  • Line level
  • Measuring tape
  • Pieces of plywood
  • 2×4″ wood pieces
  • Tarp
  • Nails

Plotting The Area

Before you construct a backyard rink, you will want to make sure the wood pieces you use for the frame will be high enough so the entire rink has ice inside. If you fail to check the slope of your property, you may add water and find one end has several inches of ice while the other has an exposed liner. Place stakes in the ground where the four corners of your rink will be located. Insert them so three or four inches are placed into the ground. Tie twine from one stake to another, constructing a rectangle or square to use as a guideline for your rink.

Considering The Slope

When placing the twine, start on the stake you believe is at the highest ground level. Place the twine at a measurement of four inches from the ground. Attach a line level to the middle of the twine and adjust the twine up or down on the next stake until the twine is level. Note how many inches off the ground the twine was placed. 

Continue leveling the twine from stake to stake, writing down the number of inches from the ground the twine is located between each stake. You will need to buy wood to accommodate the height of the highest measurement so water does not pour out of areas at the top of the slope.

Laying The Groundwork

Place the tarp on the ground where you plan on placing your skating rink. Construct a rectangle by nailing four pieces of plywood together to form a frame. Center this rectangular structure on top of the tarp. This will be the walls of your rink.

Finishing The Project

After the plywood pieces are in place, wrap the edges of the tarp up and over the outside of the pieces of wood so water does not seep out of the frame. Use nails on the interior walls to keep the tarp in place. Use 2×4 pieces of lumber to place up against the exterior wall of the rink at a forty-five degree angle. These should be placed every four feet to help support the plywood. Fill the structure with water and allow to freeze!

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