5 Factors To Consider Before Buying A New Central Air Conditioning System

As a homeowner, the question of whether it is time to replace or repair your central air conditioner system will eventually need to be answered. There are many factors that dictate which is the best option for you, including the overall cost for each. Before making your decision, here is what you need to consider. 


A new central air conditioning system can take a considerable bite out of your home’s budget. If you need little to no ductwork and just want the system installed, it can cost as much as $4,000. If you need ductwork, the cost could be as much as $10,000 depending on the size of your home. If you do not have the funds available for the new system, a repair could be a temporary solution that offers you time to save the money needed for a complete replacement. 

Energy Savings

Newer central air conditioning systems tend to be more energy efficient. As government energy efficiency standards increase and the competition grows, more companies are proactively creating systems that are more efficient than their predecessors. By contrast, you might be spending more in energy costs with your older system. 


If your warranty for the existing air conditioning system has expired, any repairs would come completely out of your pocket. Newer systems tend to have a warranty, which can reduce your share of the bill if a repair is needed. 

Home Ownership

In the event that you are moving in the near future, buying a new air conditioning system might not seem like the best move. If you buy the system now and move soon, it is money spent on a system that you do not get to use. It is also money that could have been spent on the new home. However, a new air conditioning system could be an enticement to potential homebuyers. It could mean the difference between selling and not selling your home. 


How old your system is should play a big role in your decision. If you have only had your system a few years, repairing it can make sense if the problem is not too major. However, if it is constantly breaking down, replacing it could help you save on the costs of repairs. 

An HVAC technician, such as one at Sullivan Super Service, can assess your air conditioning system and give you a projected life expectancy for it. Once you have this information and weigh it against the other factors, you can make a decision regarding which is best for you. 

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