3 Tips For Protecting Your Self Storage Unit In Hurricane-Prone Areas

After witnessing the aftermath of hurricanes like Ike, which caused approximately $29.5 billion in damages in 2008, American citizens have learned that it’s always better to prepare for the worst. If you reside in hurricane-prone areas, it is not only important to secure your home, but it is also important to secure your belongings in self storage units as well. Here are three tips that will help you get started.

Choose Units Built to Withstand Hurricanes

To reduce the impact that the hurricane storms may have on stored items, opt for self storage units that are built to withstand Category 5 hurricanes, which will pack the most punch in terms of damage. These units generally have reinforced openings as well. In the event that the self-storage facilities have multi-level units, choose units that are on the middle floors if they are available. The units a the bottom floor are susceptible to the flooding that comes with hurricanes and the top floors are more susceptible to wind damage.

Bolt as Many Items Down as Possible

When the hurricane storms come through, anything that you have left in the self storage units that are not tied down or bolted down will potentially become projectile in the storm. The wind speeds can easily lift even heavy furniture away. Get some thick, nylon rope and tie down everything that you possibly can. Most self-storage units in hurricane-prone areas will have notches on the ground or other structures that will allow you to tie your items down.

In fact, some self storage facilities even go as far as to provide you with areas where you can bolt some of the larger and heavier items down to prevent them from lifting. Also, make sure to store heavier furniture and items on the ground, rather than standing them up against the wall.

Protect Fragile and Important Documents and Items in Watertight Containers

Lifting from the strong winds in the hurricane is not the only problem you should be wary of. The storm will also bring in rainwater, which can easily cause water damage. If you are storing some important documents or sentimental items in your storage unit, make sure you store everything in sealable, waterproof bags first, and then in sealed watertight containers.


When living in hurricane-prone areas, you can never be too protected. It’s important to go the extra measure in protecting your items in your self storage unit to increase their chances of being able to make it through the hurricanes in relatively good condition.

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