5 Tips On Running A Laundromat

Laundromats are a great business to get into. Any neighborhood with a college or apartment buildings is in need of a laundromat. If you’re thinking about opening your own laundromat business, here are five tips to keep in mind:

1. Comfort is key

Comfort is going to set you apart from your competitors. Make your customers feel comfortable in your laundromat. Offer free wifi, books, and television. If you have the room and money, add a coffee machine and snack bar. You must also make sure your laundromat is safe and secure. Have an alarm system and an attendant present at all times.

2. Use high efficiency equipment

Laundromat equipment will contribute significantly to your water and power bills. Old, inefficient machines can rapidly cause your utilities to balloon and eat into your profit. Replace outdated machines with new, high efficiency laundromat equipment. This will save you money and will make your customers happy since they won’t have to use old, clunky washers and dryers.

3. Have promotions

Even though laundromats have a built in customer base, you need to attract customers from your competitors. Offer promotional days and set the cost of using machines at half price. For example, during football season have a “Game Night” where customers can come watch the game on television while doing laundry. Offer a discount, and even free drinks and pizza. Just one promotional day a month can make a huge difference.

4. Use modern payment methods

Modern laundromat equipment uses card readers now instead of coin slots. Consider upgrading your equipment with debit card readers. This makes it much more convenient for your customers to use your laundromat. Many people don’t carry cash anymore. Getting cash back to change into coins quickly becomes a hassle. If you can’t afford card readers you should at least offer a wash and fold service. Allow customers to pay for this service with a debit card.

5. Offer loyalty cards

What better way to bring in customers than reward them for their loyalty? Offer loyalty cards for your business just like grocery stores. Each time the customer comes in to do laundry the attendant scans the card. With each visit, the customer earns points. Let the customer earn free laundry services with so many points they receive. You can also offer other perks with the card like coupons, free wash and fold service on their birthday, and free coffee.

These five tips will have customers coming back to your laundromat over and over. Set yourself apart by catering to your customers and rewarding them.

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