Protecting Your Stored Belongings

Storing your things into a storage unit doesn’t have to be a nightmare. There are ways you can go about packing and storing your belongings so they won’t get ruined or lost. Follow some of the tips in this article to move your items into a storage unit in a manner that allows you to know they are secure and easy to locate when you need them.

Keep bulk items together

All your bulk items should be kept in the back of the storage unit together. Since there is less chance of you needing to get at them than there is of you needing to get in a box, this makes sense. If you do have one or two larger items you may need to get at some point, then those can be kept near the front of the unit.

Consider disassembling some of your furniture

Some of your furniture will take up a lot of room if it’s stored as a whole piece. The less space you have in your unit, the more you will have to stuff the unit in a way that puts your items at an increased risk of being broken and it makes it more difficult for you to reach what you want. Take the legs off your tables, break down your bed frames and take apart anything else that will fit better after doing so.

Chart your boxes

Write the contents of every box on paper and give each box its own number. You can label each box with the corresponding numbers instead of simply putting which room they came from which is the way most people pack. Later on, if you need something out of one box, you can look at the piece of paper, find that item on the list and see what box number to look for.

Pack the unit according to the box number

When you are putting the boxes into the storage unit, put them in using numerical order. When you are looking for one box, you can easily find it since you can follow the numbers starting with box 1 and moving on until you find the right one.

Carry your own insurance on your belongings

While the storage facility should offer insurance coverage, the coverage can often be limited. It’s best for you to make sure you also have your own insurance to cover your belongings. This way, you know you aren’t going to suffer any kind of a loss if something should happen to your items while they are being stored. To learn more, contact an insurance agency like Western Reserve Group

The advice here is going to help you keep your things packed in a safer manner. When you need something, you won’t have to unpack half of the storage unit and dig through dozens of boxes hoping to accidentally find what it is you want to find. 

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