Preparing And Storing Your Rainbow Brite Collection For The Future

Rainbow Brite was a childhood favorite for many little girls. If these dolls are stored properly, they maintain their beautiful looks and will be a great item to pull out of storage many years from now to share with your grandkids. Here, you will learn the best method of preparing, packing and storing your Rainbow Brite toys for years with little concern of damage.

Clean the Dolls

These dolls are a little tricky to clean because so many different materials are used to make them. You don’t want to send these dolls through the washing machine because moisture will get trapped inside their heads and mold will grow making them not-so-healthy to play with, and eventually, the mold will show through to the outside of the faces.

For best results, mix some Oxy-Clean with water in a spray bottle. The powder will dilute faster and you will get better results if you use hot water to fill the bottle.

Spray a clean cloth with the mixture and begin hand-cleaning the dolls. If the removable dresses are very dirty, you can remove them from the doll, soak them in a bucket of Oxy-Clean and warm water, then rinse them well.

The faces can get stained and marked up after years of play. You can get many of these spots off of the faces by applying Goo-Gone to the skin with a cotton ball and letting it sit for an hour or so. When you return, use a slightly dampened cloth to wipe the skin clean. Marker spots can be removed by applying acne cream and setting the dolls out in the sun for a day or two.

Note: Since many of the Sprites have the plastic faces, it is best not to send them through the washing machine unless they don’t come clean with a handwashing. If you do send them through the wash, put them in a pillow case and use a gentle cycle. Never put these guys through the dryer or you will cause their fluff to become less fluffy.

Pack and Store the Dolls

The absolute best way to store these dolls and keep them from becoming misshaped and their hair messed up is to store them inside large white men’s tube socks. Slide the dolls into the sock head-first. This will push the doll’s hair down and keep it from becoming stuck-up.

Go to your local wine store and ask about getting the boxes that bottles of wine come in. These boxes are perfect because each doll can slide into a slot and have a space of its own to avoid getting smashed up while being stored. The Sprites can be stored inside pillow cases and tucked loosely in a box.

The climate in which you store your Rainbow Brite collection mustn’t get too hot or humid. You also don’t want to store them in a damp, cool basement. Optimum storage conditions are steady temperatures and moisture levels maintained throughout the year, like in the main living spaces of your home. If you don’t have a place to store the dolls, consider leasing a storage unit for this collection and the others from your childhood that you want to hold onto for years. Contact a business, such as Statewide Self Storage, for more information. 

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