Four POS Add-Ons That Can Benefit Your Food Business

If you are planning on buying or leasing a POS system and run a food operation, there are a few add-ons that can help your business and foster customers’ confidence in your brand. Issues such as security and mobility can be resolved by ensuring that you have the correct add-ons in place to streamline your business activities. The following are four options that you may want to consider. 

Humidity Resistant Kitchen Printer

If you run a restaurant operation, your kitchen area is likely one of the hottest areas. Some standard kitchen printers are negatively impacted by excess humidity and ink smudging may occur. Perhaps you have even had to replace several kitchen printers that were damaged beyond repair by humidity. Issues with kitchen printers could mean mistakes with orders that can lead to customer dissatisfaction or possibly expose your customers to allergens that they requested not be added to their meals. Your business may also lose capital for orders that were incorrectly prepared by cooking staff.


Perhaps your food business requires you to use accurate weight for certain products or dishes. A scale that is integrated with your POS system can aid in ensuring weight accuracies. This is something that is beneficial to you and your customers. For example, inaccurate weight could result in you charging your customers too much or undercharging them. 

Mobile Printer and Portable POS System

This option is ideal to improve wait times and customer satisfaction. For example, if there is a long line at your establishment, orders can be taken via a portable POS. Processing and payment can occur on the spot if customers are using electronic forms of payment. A mobile printer will allow your employees to print receipts on demand. Customers can also be given the option to place their orders and pay after their meals are received. 

Privacy Shield

Many consumers today are concerned about identity theft and the secure use of their cards at businesses. Installing a privacy shield at check-out sites at your business such as the carry-out or bar area can aid in giving your customers peace of mind when they are using cards that require them to enter a PIN. It is also an effective way to convey that you care about the security of their transactions too.

A POS provider is the best resource to use to determine the best system for your business. They can identify which systems have the add-ons that can help your growing food business provide stellar customer service. They can also aid you by ensuring that the add-ons you purchase are compatible with your POS system. For example, if you buy a Clover Green Leaf POS station system, you would need to buy or lease clover compatible add-ons. 

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