Technology To Increase Productivity In Your Small Business

The success of your small business depends on your staff staying focused on your products, services and customer service. When daily operational tasks take that focus away, productivity suffers. Here is how your company can use software to reduce the time your staff spend on three typical tasks.

Collaboration Software

Finding ways to get the right information to your staff to do their jobs can be challenging. When projects require your employees to work together on a project, it can be an even larger problem. Getting them access to information and documents on which they will work as a team is the function of collaboration software. These products provide an archival space for documentation and work spaces for the active creation and updating of documents.

These tools often use version control and rules to reduce conflicts when two or more people are updating documents at the same time. The software may also offer private and public workspaces to allow vendors and customers to review information without having access to the company’s entire repository.

You also have the choice of working with tools either installed in the cloud or on local, secured servers. This gives you a choice as to the level of security you wish to maintain in your collaboration repository. With cloud-based tools, you have the advantage of enabling your staff to have to access their projects from wherever they choose to work.

Meeting Booking Software

Besides giving your staff access to the information they need, they need timely access to each other. Getting everyone on a project team together for a meeting is a daunting task, requiring coordinating multiple schedules and facilities. Meeting booking software manages those tasks for your staff.

Centralized calendars keep track of when your staff and meeting rooms are available. The meeting software makes it easier for your team to find open times on calendars and meeting facilities. Meeting notices can be sent and reminders scheduled to make sure that people don’t forget important meetings. Some tools let you invite vendors, customers and other people from outside of the company to join in on the meeting.

Mobile Device Management Software

You want to let your staff use their personal mobile devices to do their jobs. Controlling access to company information from devices to which you have no control can keep your IT and security staff busy. Mobile device management products step in to register devices, restrict access to only the information the person needs, and track the usage of and access to company resources.

Security functions in this software control what the person can access with their personal devices and even the times of the day when they can get to the information. Other security options can track when a device has not been used for a period of time and put a hold on its access in case the laptop, tablet or smartphone was lost or stolen. Some products allow you to wipe any company information from a mobile device that is missing to prevent potential theft of sensitive information.

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